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        Beauty is in imperfection

        I’m Lotte. I was born in Amsterdam, but because I wanted to be close to the ocean I moved to Haarlem two years ago. I’m a 31 year old free spirit who is living her dream. I love being in nature, having my bear feet in the sand, good coffee, surfing, having dinner with friends, campfires and the small things in life. I’m am happiest when I can create. I try to live with a conscious mind and being aware of mother earth. With a positive attitude I’m trying to live life to the fullest.

        I’m a dreamer, a storyteller. Five years ago I found my passion and I chose photography as my medium. I’m always curious and full of inspiration. Travelling is another passion of mine. With my camera always with I’m discovering the world bit by bit.

        I would love to meet you so we can tell your story together and create something beautiful together.